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Gentle Parenting Coach passionate about helping toddler moms calm the chaos while building connection with their littles.



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I have created a community to connect mamas practicing or hoping to learn about gentle parenting. We share our love of and experience with…

  • Positive  Discipline
  • Attachment Building
  • Trust & Connection
  • Respect Based Relationship
  • Teaching Consent
  • & so much more


I would love to have you join our awesome community of supportive mamas. You don’t have to be an expert in all (or even any) of the topics we discuss and share. We welcome mamas at all levels of their journey!


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A Toddler Cannot Be Rude

It is *impossible* for a toddler to be rude.⁠ ⁠ No matter what.⁠ ⁠ Why? Simply put, they don't have the comprehension to be rude. They don't understand what rude is, or how to avoid it, so they simply can't. Rudeness can be described as ignoring 'polite' societal norms. But if you don't ... VIEW POST

5 Ways to Say No Without Saying No

I always get a lot of questions when people learn I do my best to never tell my child "No" I also get a lot of assumptions.⁠ 🙄 They assume I let my daughter do whatever she pleases, with no boundaries or consequences.⁠ This couldn't be further from the truth. Boundaries are necessary ... VIEW POST

Are Weighted Sleep Sacks Safe?

Are Weighted Sleep Sacks Safe? This was the very first thought that popped into my head when I first considered them to help with my daughter's sleep troubles. Of course I wanted a good night sleep, but I would never do anything to put my daughter at risk... even for a few extra z's ? At ... VIEW POST

How to Safely Co-Sleep

Even if you never plan to bed share, studies show that 60-75% of mothers will end up bed sharing at some point. That is why it is super important that every mother is aware of safe co-sleeping practices, so you are equipped to make safe sleep choices if it ever comes to it. Safe Sleep ... VIEW POST

5 Minimalist Newborn Essentials for First Time Moms

Just because you're about to have a baby, does not mean you need to fill your home with tons of unnecessary baby gear! Despite what many companies would have you believe, babies don't actually need a whole lot. In this video I'm going to be sharing 5 must have newborn essentials for the minimalist ... VIEW POST