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Quickly edit your pictures with one click using the Stella Lightroom Preset!

  • Works with *free* mobile Lightroom app
  • One click editing
  • Bright & airy photos
  • Cohesive Instagram feed

Stella was created to give your photos a bright and airy look, while retaining the beautiful colors of your photos. Use this preset to give your Instagram a beautifully cohesive look, or simply to edit your family photos for a professional feel!

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I have created a group of like minded mamas who love living life simply, with a focus on wellness. We share our love of and experience with…

  • Non-Toxic Living
  • Gentle & Attachment Parenting
  • Cloth Diapering
  • Homesteading
  • Motherhood
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I would love to have you join our awesome community of supportive mamas. You don’t have to be an expert in all (or even any) of the topics we discuss and share. We welcome mamas at all levels of their journey!


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Stella Lightroom Preset Launch!

I am so excited to share the official launch of my preset!! I often get asked how I edit my pictures for that bright and airy look, so I created this preset so you can get the same look for your photos in just one click. This is the exact preset that I use on every one of my Instagram images, and I ... VIEW POST

What to Know Before Starting to Cloth Diaper

You guys have had a ton of questions ever since I first shared that we were going to be cloth diapering Stella. We are now over a year into cloth diapering, and I wanted to share with you guys some of the info I have learned. I hope this can help you feel confident starting your own cloth diaper ... VIEW POST

How I Pick My Baby’s Toys

I am extremely picky about the toys that I bring into our home from my 1 year old daughter. There are a few key qualities I try to make sure every toy has before buying it. While not every toy meets every single criteria, having this checklist in mind ensures the majority of my daughter's toys are ... VIEW POST

Introduce Solids Without Creating a Picky Eater

Something every mother “fears” (using that word lightly) is raising a picky eater. Moms want the best for their kiddos, and that involves a variety of wholesome foods packed with nutrients. No mom wants to have to worry if their kid is getting enough to eat or the vitamins they need. I have ... VIEW POST